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JE Quote Form - JE Quote Form

JE Quote Form

Price : -$8
Support :
  • Form open in light box or not is decided from backend side.
  • Admin can configure mail address.
  • Admin gets mail after user submits the quotation form.
  • Add unlimited field from the back-end.
  • Adding the captcha for the security reason.

100% MVC structure follow.  User can submit quotation form and mail send mail as per back-end setting. Admin can add unlimited field from the back-end.

Front end:

- User submits the quotation.

Back end:

Admin can configure your mail address from the component.

Also can add the unlimited field in that form.

Login here for free download.

Module displays the Quote link at the bottom of page. Setting is available for open form in light box on or off. 

Change log:-
#Some minor Bug solved
#Add security level in new version 1.2

New version has add the security.
Version 1.2 Security Release also available in Joomla 1.6 and 1.7.
Version 1.2 Security Release

New version 1.3

You can add the unlimited field and form making from the back-end.

latest update in product :-
JE Quoteform(J-1.5)_unzip.zip
JE Quoteform(J-1.6)_unzip.zip
JE Quoteform(J-1.7)_unzip.zip
JE Qoute Form Document.docx