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Joomla K2 Multiple Form Story - JE K2 Multiple Form Story

JE K2 Multiple Form Story

Price : -$20
Support :
  • Make multiple form to using this component.
  • Set all forms with different parameter.
  • When Admin going to make menu link there admin can set all value.

Joomla15Joomla25 Joomla30:

1.    Admin give the Title of Form.
2.    Allow to show category combo – Yes/No
3.    Select Category which you want to set in this particular form
4.    Select Terms and condition
5.    Select redirect page
6.    Select notification mail – Yes/No
7.    Add Email of Notification mail.
8.    Allow to show  Captcha – Yes/No
9.    Allow Terms or Condition – Yes/No
10.    Allow to Only Registered User Post Story – Yes/No
11.    Show publish status – Yes/No
12.    Allow to Auto published – Yes/No
13.    If None register User going to post the story Comes to field Username and Email from backend, If you select Yes.
-    You can make individual form.
-    Each Menu vise

latest update in product :-
K2 Multiplestory Form.doc
com_jek2storymultipleform (J-1.5) 11-2-13.zip
com_jek2storymultipleform (J-2.5) 11-2-13.zip
com_jek2storymultipleform (J-3.2) 07-01-14.zip
com_jek2storymultipleform (J-3.0) 15-6-13.zip
com_jek2storymultipleform (J-3.2) 07-01-14.zip