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Joomla e-card Component | Joomla 2.5 Ecard Component - JE Ecard

JE Ecard

Price : -$15
Support :


  • User can write the invitation to their guest.
  • Add to Guest List Functionality.
  • Add Manually as well as Invite Contact. 
  • Send Invitation to multiple user at a time.

 joomla25joomla25 : 1 month support

Front end:

User can see the all eventlist. Click on event user. write the invitation to their guest.  All filled data user can see on event image. User can use Add to GuestList Funtionality. User can use Add Manually as well as Envite Contact. Login user store Contact email in their Guestlist and use it when they sent invitation. Invitation sent via Email to all selected or added users.


Admin can add,edit,delete,publish and unpublish category. Admin can make link of all category event or specific category event. Admin can add,edit,delete,publish and unpublish Event. Admin can set the color of background image. Admin can set the size of Event image. Admin can change the email template from backend. Admin can see the posted invitation and its detail.

latest update in product :-
com_jeecard(J-2.5) 03-01-13.zip
com_jeecard(J-3.0) 21-01-13.zip
Jeecard v-1.1(J-2.5) 19-08-13.zip
Jeecard v-1.1(J-3.0) 19-08-13.zip
Jeecard v-1.1(J-3.2) 08-01-14(1).zip