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Joomla ajax suggestion search - JE Ajax Suggestion

JE Ajax Suggestion

Price : -$5
Support :
  • User writing the word in to the search text box that search text box displays the suggestion to related word.
  • You can easily change the design of search result and over effect.
  • We are putting the Color picker for easy to change the color.100% MVC structure follow.

Description:- Joomla25 Joomla30 

100% MVC structure follow JE Ajax search module searches records from the content (joomla article), forum (Kunena Forum), Virtuemart and sobi2 record. When user is writing the data into the textbox that time under the textbox display the suggestion of related word. Also Store that search log also.


Follows Below steps:-
1) Install module from the joomla installer.
2) After go to the module manager.
3) Select our module and go to edit page.
4) Published our module which ever position you want into the template.

latest update in product :-
mod_ajaxsugestion (J-2.5.0) 7-01-13.zip
mod_ajaxsugestion (J-3.0) 7-01-13.zip