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Joomla ajax event caledar component

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100% MVC structure follow. There are three different managers in that

1) Category Management.
2) Event Management.
3) Event Setting.
4) Event Template.
5) Dynamic Field.
6) Front End User can add the event

1. Category Management: - Admin can add, edit, delete, published and unpublished the category title and description.

2. Event Management: - Admin can add, edit, delete, published and unpublished the event. Event title, category, start date, end date, description, background color and text color add, edit and delete, published, unpublished from the event management.
Admin has rights that all users or selected user or none can see the event from front end.
Admin can add event to selected category.

3. Setting: - Admin can enable or disable all the events which user can add the event or not.
Admin can set the header1, header2, header3, header4 color using color picker. Enable and disable the user event add from the front-end or not.

4. Event Template :- Admin can select the template for event listing page , event detail page. You can make your template from the back-end editor.

5) Dynamic Fields :- Set the dynamic fields in category and event.


- Admin add, update and delete different categories, which contains events.

- Admin add, update and delete different events under different categories.

- Admin choose different colors for front end calendar display. (Heading color, Calendar color, event color, event text color etc.)

- Admin decides which event is visible to which user from Back End to introduce some privacy.

- User can add event from front end, which is publish by admin than after.

- Admin decides whether the event should auto publish or not from Back End setting field.

- Light box is associate with every event display in front end to display more detail related with the event.

- In front end you can select category from combo box to display different events under that particular category, to have sorted output.

- Template Manager select the front-end event listing page and event detail page also.

- Dyanmic filed add in category and event.

- Google map enable and disable from the back-end.

- Event search from the event search module.

- Event calendar module also display all events in different color. Color are choose from the back-end event manager.

- User can add your own event from the front-end. If you want to disable than disable from the back-end.



Follows Below steps:-

1) Install component from the joomla installer.
2) Select JE Event Calendar from component.
3) To add category go to Component >> JE Event Calendar >> Category.
4) To add event go to Component >> JE Event Calendar >> Event.
5) Default event setting has been given.
6) To change event go to Component >> JE Event Calendar >> Event Setting.

Event Template :-

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