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JE Awd Song

  • Make the contest and upload the song into particular contest.
  • End of the content winner song will declare.
  • It’s compatible with Jomsocial component.
  • The Song Player is very nice, slick and very small.

JE Ajax event calendar

  • 100% MVC structure follow and Build Templates Manager.
  • Dynamic filed added on event page.
  • Google map and 100% SEF/SEO support.
  • Repeat the event by yearly, weekly and daily.

JE Gallery

  • 100% MVC structure follow. User manage own gallery.
  • Photos open into Facebook Light box and add comment.
  • 100% SEF and SEO friendly URL generated.
  • Thumbnail width and height set from the setting.

JE Story Submit

  • Submit the story into Joomla article
  • Admin approve that story listing in front-end.
  • Admin can add dynamic extra field, user email format.
  • Putting the CAPTCHA code for security.

JE Form Creator

  • Built-in form layouts without any HTML or PHP knowledge.
  • Unlimited form create and unlimited field
  • Dynamical options for input type
  • User can export the data in CSV format by choosing the selected form

JE Slideshow

  • Create Category (Album)and Slide (Photo).
  • Bulk uploads the slide into particular category.
  • There are 16 different slide show .
  • Mootools or Jquery JavaScript using in modules.

JE Property Finder

  • Specialists in buying and selling property.
  • Upload property and listing that property in front-end.
  • 100% SEF/SEO , MVC and Build Templates Manager.
  • Ratting, Google map, Gallery, Street view and Video display.

JE Job

  • 100% MVC structure follow and Build Templates Manager.
  •  Search the job by Location and display in Google map.
  • Dynamic fields added in job form.


  • 100% MVC and Build Templates Manager .
  • Google map, Ratting, Review and Ajax calendar.
  • Agent manage his hotel and Joomfish supported.
  • 100% SEF/SEO support and Dynamic fields.

JE Project Manager

  • 100% MVC structure follow. Admin can assign the project to multiple users.
  • All features are in front-end.
  • User will have to complete all the tasks and get payment.
  • Withdraw Request send to admin.

JE Tab Managment

  • 100% MVC structure follow.
  • Tab,Tab hover and Tab background effect easy to change using color picker.
  • JE Tab content add from the back-end component.
  • Its display the in two different themes using jQuery.

JE K2 Story

  • 100% MVC structure follow. User can add your stories in K2 items.
  • Display dynamic field as per K2 category.
  • Mail format set from the back-end.
  • Upload images from front end into K2 images. CAPTCHA code for security.

JE Messenger

  • User can send, forward, reply mail with includes attachment.
  • 100% SEF and SEO friendly URL generated.
  • All functionality same as webmail and Ajax suggestion search.
  • User can search in receiver user mail

JE Poll

  • 100% MVC structure follow.Category wise poll listing.
  • Load poll into Joomla article.
  • Category wise poll listing and Bookmark.
  • Unlimited Poll add and comments on.
  • Displays vote results as an animated

JE Quiz component

  • 100% MVC structure follow.
  • Unlimited amount of Quiz Competitions.
  • Creating exam, adding question in exam.
  • Timer is also proved to decide the time duration of particular exam. Graphical Result generated.

JE Media Player

  • 100% MVC structure follow.
  • Album photo and player height and width changed by user from back end.
  • User can play song in light box.Light box enabled or disabled.
  •  Search facility available to view particular album’s song.

JE Auto

  • 100% MVC structure follow and Build Templates Manager.
  • Complete tagging system.
  • Google Map, Ajax rating and Car presentation using Jquery.
  • 15 different effect modules and Dynamic fields.

JE Guest Book

  • Guest user adds your story.
  • Integrated with Jomsocial component.
  • Protect the spam entry because we are adding the Captcha.
  • Admin can mange guest entry.

JE Tour

  • Easy to add the tour.
  • Also add the packages for each tour.
  • User easy to browse the tour and make the enquiry for that.
  • User can see the detail regarding tour and packages.

JE Directory

  • 100% MVC structure follow and Build Templates Manager.
  • Google Map, Ajax rating, Review.
  • Alpha betas search on item listing page.
  • User can rate the particular item.
  • Dynamic field on item and category.

JE Partner Logo

  • Logo continues rotate using javascript.
  • Redirect of logo is configurable.
  • 100% MVC and Build Templates Manager .
  • 100% SEF/SEO support.

JE Ecard



  • User can write the invitation to their guest.
  • Add to Guest List Functionality.
  • Add Manually as well as Invite Contact. 
  • Send Invitation to multiple user at a time.

JE Quote Form

  • Form open in light box or not is decided from back-end side.
  • You User can submit quotation form and mail send to admin with file attachment.
  • Add unlimited field from the back-end.
  • Adding the captcha for the security reason.

JE Ticket System

  • 100%MVC Structure and SEF/SEO support.
  • User need support than generate the ticket and get the satisfaction answer.
  • All system mail template change from the back-end.
  • Also user related with the Jomsocial also.

HM Community

  • Private communication with friends via private messages
  • Create your own groups, album and Video.
  • Commenting on albums photos and videos.
  • Privacy setting for Videos, Group, album, wall, profile and message.

JE Booking

  • Booking status display on calendar.
  • Book the appointment using that calendar.
  • Easy to install and book the event without login.
  • Whole process using AJAX method without refresh.

JE Portfolio

  • Nice Presentation your category.
  • Slide show displays your portfolios photo.
  • Easy to use and display using jQuery.
  • Extra field add in category and item.

Ek Rishta

  • 100% For  Matrimonial site
  • Easy to search member.
  • Dynamic filed in registration and advance search.
  • Export and Import user features.
  • Add member ship your self.
  • Support Joomla 1.5, Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.0
  • Live Chat included in latest version.

JE Surveys

  • Create survey category wise.
  • Make it survey on one page view and multiple page view also.
  • Only register user can survey.
  • Display survey in front-end in chart.

JE Auction

  • Every auction has countdown timer
  • List of the bid history up to ten with bid price and username
  • Always take the higher bid than the current bid
  • Display the last bidder name for a particular auction

JE Music

  • Add song in one category and sale that song online.
  • User can easy to browse the song.
  • Easy to purchase with in 3 steps and download song.
  • Paypal method integrated default in that component.

JE Video Rate

  • Add Video with registration
  • Give rate and comment for video
  • Video will be a winner by user rate.
  • Display winner video on that particular date.


JE K2 Multiple Form Story

  • Make multiple form to using this component.
  • Set all forms with different parameter.
  • When Admin going to make menu link there admin can set all value.

JE Multislideshow

  • Category (Album) creates by admin. Slide added into the Category (Album).
  • Bulk uploads the slide into particular category.
  • There are 6 different slide shows in one module available in that package.

JE Recipe

  • Category organized recipes
  • Category up to n sub level
  • Comments and ratting management
  • Front end user submission of recipes
  • Add the facility
  • Also in this timing of preparing,cooking and waiting for the particular recipe.

Hm Faq

  •  Package Support Responsive layout.
  •  Like & Unlike question functionality is basis on Ajax.
  •  Use The jQuery for slider in front-end.
  •  All Design color selection from the back-end using colorpicker.

JE Smooth rounder

  • 100% MVC structure follow.
  • Very different and excellent presentation of your portfolio.
  • We are using the jQuery for presentation of portfolio.
  • Set background color, text color, all you can set using color picker in back-end modules.

JE Wave Slideshow



  • Category (Album) creates by admin. Slide added into the Category (Album).
  • Bulk uploads the slide into particular category.
  • There are 4 different slide shows in one module available in that package.

JE Classify ads

  • User can post add your self form the front-end.
  • Category wise search the ads.
  • Easy to contact other user regarding that ads.
  • All most all similar features like OLX, Quicker.

JE Photo Gallery

  • Gallery is designed for todays touch devices. Using your iPad, iPhone or Android devices 
  • Using jQuery Ajax to load all photos
  • Display like fully responsive
  • Category wise photo listing in lightbox

JE Customize gmap

  • Uses Google Maps V3 API
  • Works on mobile devices (farewell JE customize gmaps)
  • Use as a continental map: Supports Asia, Africa, Australia, North America, South America, Europe as regions
  • Use as a World map: Supports 246 countries, territories
  • Use as USA map: Supports all states.

Je Vm Add Product

  • Register user can add the product from the front-end.
  • Product images also user can add the product.
  • Selected User can add/edit and delete from the front-end.
  • Most easy and super cool component in Virtuemart.